About Us

About Us
As Case Industry Group Inc., we provide innovative and creative solutions under the guidance of science in every field we operate, steering the sector and creating added value. We are aware of our responsibilities towards humanity, science, nature, and our environment. Acting with this awareness, we take firm steps towards the future. Through our engineering work and R&D activities that span from the past to the present, we offer the most innovative, modern, and technologically advanced solutions to global markets with our strong technical knowledge, skills, and experience.

As the CASE INDUSTRY GROUP (CIG) family, we operate in the fields of energy, automotive, defense industry, R&D, and engineering. Within the scope of our R&D and engineering services, we evaluate all the companies we partner with in our country and around the world as individual projects with our expert team structure and provide customized solutions that fully meet their needs. CIG achieves this through its design expertise, project management, product knowledge, flexible processes, and a network of versatile partners and suppliers from various disciplines.

In the automotive and defense industries, the "Power Transmission Systems," which we can call the locomotive of CIG, operates under the PDS Directorate. Our directorate robustly meets the power transmission system needs of companies operating in the automotive and defense sectors with a broad product range. In response to the continuously evolving high technology in today's world, we conduct R&D activities to meet the diverse needs of companies, contributing added value to our country within the scope of the national technology initiative.

We demonstrate our sensitivity to the energy issues faced globally and nationally, especially focusing on renewable energy and operating in the field of energy systems. We value the harmony of blue and green, closely follow global developments, and take ownership of our future. From solar energy systems to wind energy systems, from energy infrastructures to electric power transmission systems, we engage in numerous innovative R&D projects for a cleaner environment. We carry out our work with great enthusiasm, effort, and patience, progressing towards the future as a "Pioneer of Innovative Technology."